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I’m working today, but this whole frustration with getting music into a blog post is nagging at me, so I’m taking a few minutes to experiement. I’m not using Live Writer, I’m using the WordPress template. And while I was at it, I thought I’d also attempt to insert a photograph directly from my computer (I usually do it via Flickr). The nun photo seemed to upload with no problems. Yet.

Also, I’m going to try commenting inside people’s comments for awhile. A lot of you seem to be doing it on your own blogs these days and I think it might work for me also, to help me to keep up with my comments.

If you feel like it, please let me know if you’re able to play the song I’ve inserted below. I chose an old one in the hopes it wouldn’t have the locks or codes or whatever the hell is the problem with uploading new music these days, and I chose How Bizarre by OMC in honor of Buck, because he is doing something rather bizarre today (some kind of bidding war on the telephone with several other editors), so I thought he’d appreciate this song. When this song was new, we used to listen to it whenever we’d rent a convertible and drive from Vegas to Death Valley; we liked the “cruisin’ down the freeway in the hot-hot sun” part.



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