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I’m At Life With Buck

I’m not deleting this blog or any of the posts here. I’m just focusing on my Life With Buck blog. I found that two blogs on basically the same subject  was taking up too much space in my tiny brain.

I’m still here on WordPress at www.LifeWithBuck.com.


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question If you’ve been over to Maxine’s House of Ill Repute lately you already know she’s closing her doors indefinitely. Her blog is so entertaining I hate to see her go, but I fully understand her reasons for doing so. Blogging is demanding on your creativity and it’s time consuming, and really it amounts to hanging out with your friends. If you’ve got a lot of other commitments going on, entertaining your friends all day can be very non-productive.

Personally, I don’t mind being non-productive. I live for it as a matter of fact. So I’m not leaving the blogosphere, but lately I’ve wondered why I set myself up for writing two blogs at the same time. I know I did it as part of the 365 Blog thing, but now one of my blogs always gets short shrift, namely my Life With Buck blog, which is coming up on its one-year blogoversary. I consider LWB my “main blog” because it’s the one where I own the domain name and I have the upgrade for tons of space, but that’s the blog that always ends up being neglected for weeks and months at a time. Yet I still get tons of hits over there even when I haven’t posted for a long time. In essence, I have a large readership over there (though you can’t tell by the number of my beloved commenters — I love and appreciate you all! I really do!) because many of my readers are shy and email me privately) and they’re reading older posts. That’s good and I don’t mind at all, I appreciate it more than you know, because I hate to write something and have it disappear into cyberspace a day later, but in a way I think it just makes more sense to write for the bigger readership. (Yes I’m a whore, I write for readership, for hits and stats. If I wanted to “journal” alone in my bedroom I’d buy a diary, a quill pen, and a box of Kleenex.)

I’ve considered stopping this blog and devoting all my posting time to my Life With Buck blog. Does anyone else find it stressful to maintain two or more blogs or is it just me? If you have more than one blog, are you able to post regularly to them all? I know some of you have a second, health-related blog but that’s a little different. I’m trying to maintain two humorous blogs and I think it’s not working out. I think I need to focus on just one.

By the way, my son Sam just notified me that today is the 4th of July.  Happy 4th of July, everyone.

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I’m working today, but this whole frustration with getting music into a blog post is nagging at me, so I’m taking a few minutes to experiement. I’m not using Live Writer, I’m using the WordPress template. And while I was at it, I thought I’d also attempt to insert a photograph directly from my computer (I usually do it via Flickr). The nun photo seemed to upload with no problems. Yet.

Also, I’m going to try commenting inside people’s comments for awhile. A lot of you seem to be doing it on your own blogs these days and I think it might work for me also, to help me to keep up with my comments.

If you feel like it, please let me know if you’re able to play the song I’ve inserted below. I chose an old one in the hopes it wouldn’t have the locks or codes or whatever the hell is the problem with uploading new music these days, and I chose How Bizarre by OMC in honor of Buck, because he is doing something rather bizarre today (some kind of bidding war on the telephone with several other editors), so I thought he’d appreciate this song. When this song was new, we used to listen to it whenever we’d rent a convertible and drive from Vegas to Death Valley; we liked the “cruisin’ down the freeway in the hot-hot sun” part.


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 This is a post about nothing, but I haven’t posted in days and felt guilty.

I bought this suncatcher in New Mexico last Sunday. Wood, glass, and tiny mirrors. It’s hanging outside in our courtyard and Buck nearly had a conniption when he saw that I put it up with a cup hook. Cup hooks puncturing his lovingly-painted-anything upset him beyond belief. I have since promised to never hang anything ever again “without discussing it” with him first.

In related news, Paul (our future son-in-law) purchased a very Wild West cow skull while we were in New Mexico, a little something to remember the Southwest while he and Cody are home in Boston. Here, Buck poses with the cow skull so that Studio Bob could get a look at it while they chatted on the phone about the song Eight Miles High, which I sang to them so they could re-live their hippie days. I didn’t know any of the words beyond “eight miles high” however, so they sang it to me instead.

And RIGHT HERE is where I was going to insert the song so you could step back in time and listen to Eight Miles High (the Byrds version, not mine or theirs) yourself, but I spent about an hour trying to upload it and finally gave up. I have the upgrade on WordPress so space isn’t the problem, and I have a legal copy of Eight Miles High on my computer, and I still can’t do it. It’s very frustrating when WordPress tells you you can do something, and then you’re unable to. Does anyone have EASY instructions on how to upload a song to a post? I asked on the Forums and someone said I need the WP Audio Player. Where the hell is that thing and how do you install it?

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Photo from www.inesc.org, National Educational Service Centers Inc.


It’s about 6:30 PM in El Paso right now and the temperature is 108-degrees, humidity is 8%.

Seriously. I’m not making that up…I looked it up online.

Anyway, it’s 108-degrees and I’m sitting outside smoking a cigarette and trying to get caught up on my blog reading, and it occurred to me that’s it’s taken forever for me to add a blogroll to this blog.

I’ve got a blogroll on my Life With Buck blog, but I never added one here because I never really intended to spend much time over here, even though I’m supposed to be posting 365 days in a row. As it’s turned out I don’t post every single day but this is where I do the most blogging and I totally need a blogroll. (My LWB blog requires my transcribing tape recorded interviews, which is exactly what I do for work, and I’ve been very lazy about it.)

So I’m slowly but surely building my blogroll over here. And I mean slooooowly, because it’s 108-degrees and I really can’t move too quickly. So if you don’t see yourself over there on the blogroll, it’s only because I’m moving so slowly. I’ll get to everybody, but if you don’t see yourself and you’d like to remind me please do.

Also, over here I’m kind of listing some people’s names rather than the name of the blog, because being a simpleton I sometimes get confused about who belongs to which blog. You’re probably saying, the what with the who now? But for instance, I forgot that the hilarious aberclay is The Leaky Brain. As a result, I haven’t gotten over there in awhile, which is tragic, because she is, as I said, hilarious.


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I need to learn more about uploading sound to my computer. I need a moron’s guide, or perhaps a “Children’s Step-By-Step Video” that would show me how to transfer tape recordings to the computer. Because I have something I so wish I could play for you. It’s a malfunction of my tape recorder or phone (I don’t know which) that took place while I was interviewing someone for an article I’m writing.

Suddenly and without warning, I couldn’t hear him, he couldn’t hear me, but the tape recorder was still recording it all from both our phones. So what you hear on my tape is my interviewee chatting amiably about his childhood, laughing and telling his story, and me shouting over him the entire time: “Hello? Hello? Oh, goddammit! ARE YOU FUCKING KIDDING ME? WHAT THE FUCK? I’ve lost him! I’VE FUCKING LOST HIM! Jesus Christ… I’m going to kill myself right now. I AM GOING TO KILL MYSELF…I hate this job. I hate this fucking phone… I WISH I WAS DEAD…” and then, just as suddenly, I could hear him again and he was still talking, never having heard my complete meltdown over the phone malfunction. And I never even told him it had happened, I just shut up and continued with my “Uh-huh…yep…(forced fake laugh)…oh that’s a great story!”

It’s just insane, and oh how I wish I could upload it to this blog post for you to hear. Where can a moron learn to upload audio to their computer?



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A Sunday In March

I’ve been working at my job and also on my other blog, Life With Buck, trying to transcribe a broken tape. I have this crazy plan of getting back to posting almost daily over there, but I can only do that by making the posts much shorter. But for Q&A Sunday I stupidly did a long post about Buck’s trip to NASA, and as luck would have it the tape is punishing me for it.

Because of all this, I don’t have much of a topic for this blog today and I wanted to spare you more photos of my craft projects, so I’m just going to post some random photos I’ve taken this week. That’s the thing about this Blog 365, if you’re going to post every day some topics are going to be really weird and desperate (see my Refrigerator Magnets post).

But here’s some photos from this week.  

The wind had been ungodly this weekend, especially this morning. Here’s the palm tree in the courtyard in the middle of our house, threatening to fall on me. I always think it’s going to topple over anyay. Beside it is a picture of Buck reading the paper and pretending this 50mph wind isn’t happening.


Here’s a photo of a ceramic chili pepper light switch cover that Joan Harvest and her sister Barbara sent me. We love it. But the actual wall it’s on is crooked, which makes the light switch look crooked. It’s not the switch, it’s the wall. It doesn’t look so crooked from far away, though. In the bottom photo, you can see the trunk of that mo-fo of a palm tree.

Here’s a photo of my office as it looks rights now. When I was sick my mantra was “Just put it in my office.” Now It’s such a mess I feel like I’m going to hyperventilate when I’m in here. And I’ve been in here working (we’re on deadline) since I got off the couch, and I have to spend all my time fighting the urge to stop and go through everything to clean it up. I need a maid.

Here’s a photo of Buck lighting my birthday cake Thursday night.


And here I am posing with my cake, still sick, but Buck made me pose anyway. Years ago I would never have allowed a photo like this to be seen by anyone, but now I don’t give a fuck. The cake, incidentally, was DELICIOUS. I love this cake … I have a piece every day.

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