I’m not deleting this blog or any of the posts here. I’m just focusing on my Life With Buck blog. I found that two blogs on basically the same subject  was taking up too much space in my tiny brain.

I’m still here on WordPress at www.LifeWithBuck.com.


question If you’ve been over to Maxine’s House of Ill Repute lately you already know she’s closing her doors indefinitely. Her blog is so entertaining I hate to see her go, but I fully understand her reasons for doing so. Blogging is demanding on your creativity and it’s time consuming, and really it amounts to hanging out with your friends. If you’ve got a lot of other commitments going on, entertaining your friends all day can be very non-productive.

Personally, I don’t mind being non-productive. I live for it as a matter of fact. So I’m not leaving the blogosphere, but lately I’ve wondered why I set myself up for writing two blogs at the same time. I know I did it as part of the 365 Blog thing, but now one of my blogs always gets short shrift, namely my Life With Buck blog, which is coming up on its one-year blogoversary. I consider LWB my “main blog” because it’s the one where I own the domain name and I have the upgrade for tons of space, but that’s the blog that always ends up being neglected for weeks and months at a time. Yet I still get tons of hits over there even when I haven’t posted for a long time. In essence, I have a large readership over there (though you can’t tell by the number of my beloved commenters — I love and appreciate you all! I really do!) because many of my readers are shy and email me privately) and they’re reading older posts. That’s good and I don’t mind at all, I appreciate it more than you know, because I hate to write something and have it disappear into cyberspace a day later, but in a way I think it just makes more sense to write for the bigger readership. (Yes I’m a whore, I write for readership, for hits and stats. If I wanted to “journal” alone in my bedroom I’d buy a diary, a quill pen, and a box of Kleenex.)

I’ve considered stopping this blog and devoting all my posting time to my Life With Buck blog. Does anyone else find it stressful to maintain two or more blogs or is it just me? If you have more than one blog, are you able to post regularly to them all? I know some of you have a second, health-related blog but that’s a little different. I’m trying to maintain two humorous blogs and I think it’s not working out. I think I need to focus on just one.

By the way, my son Sam just notified me that today is the 4th of July.  Happy 4th of July, everyone.

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Yesterday I had to leave the house and actually drive to the office for the traffic proofread, a monthly annoyance affectionately known as the proof to those of us who must perform it, an all-female ensemble whose members rarely leave the house unless it involves picking up take-out food or buying computer parts on sale at Office Depot. For us, the horror of the proof begins in the morning when we face our closets and are confronted with the reality of our shabby wardrobes. When you work from home for years and years, your wardrobe can become shabby. I’ve already reported here that my daily uniform is a ragged sarong and a tank top. Going into the office is always a wardrobe crises.

I passed over a comfy T-shirt that proclaims My boyfriend thinks I’m at the movies and instead chose a sleeveless yellow top that makes me look as if I’m about to go door-to-door offering The Watchtower. But the bottom half of me was a trial to say the least as I could not wear a sarong. I settled on a pair of ragged painter’s pants cut off at the knees, figuring I’d be seated at a desk all day and no one would see my shame. I chose them for their myriad pockets, which I could stuff with cigarettes and candy, my cell phone, and my glasses.

Before leaving the house I grabbed Jimmy to bring for protection, Jimmy Jimmy Pin being my German Shepherd angel pin, because God help me if my eyes should glaze over and I let a typo or the word “motherfucker” get into the magazine, and also because the drive into El Paso is something I consider dangerous and, were the real Jimmy still alive, he’d be my co-pilot in my passenger seat. So I had to make due with his angel likeness. I’ve become really strange since moving here, stranger than normal, and while driving in the clusterfuck that is Cape Cod traffic doesn’t faze me at all, driving in El Paso gives anxiety attacks, and again, God help me if I have an anxiety attack on the freeway. While I’m not 100% positive about God intervening should such an attack occur, I have the utmost confidence in Jimmy. He’d never allow such a thing to happen to me. As a matter of fact, the start of my anxiety attacks began shortly after the death of Jimmy.

Jimmy was always a good companion and an alert watchdog, but in death his abilities have taken on mythic proportions. In life he weighed 150-pounds and could open doors; in death I’ve got him weighing 175 and driving a backhoe while smoking a cigar. If a dove wanders into our house and perches on my oriental rug I think to myself this never would have happened if Jimmy had been here. If I am shortchanged at the supermarket by a girl who cannot speak English I think to myself, this never would have happened if Jimmy had been here. Wind storm? Jimmy would have stopped it. Wrong pizza delivered by Dominoes? Jimmy would have prevented it. And so on. So when I drive into the city for the proof, Jimmy comes with me.

Circle_K I stopped at the Circle K for a cold drink before I got on the freeway because you can’t drive anywhere in El Paso without some sort of drink with you at all times. You might think it’ll be okay to drive without a drink, but it’s not. You’ll get stuck in traffic and suddenly realize you’re so dehydrated you’re going to pass out. Or a dust storm comes up and you’re mouth is suddenly filled with dirt. So I needed a drink for safety reasons and I stopped to get one.

A couple ahead of me at the soda fountain were filling their Coleman cooler with ice from the soda machine. I’m pretty sure such a tactic is illegal, holding a cooler up to the soda machine for free ice while the counter clerk chats on his cell phone, but by the looks of these two it was not going to be me who ratted them out. Every now and then they’d turn around and look at me, so I smiled tried to be friendly, just to let them know that their stealing ice was perfectly fine by me. I said, “You’re very wise, you’re gonna need ice on a hot day like cooler this!” But this got no reaction from them. They continued to fill their cooler at their leisure and give me an occasional glance. So I tried again and said, “Personally, I can’t go anywhere without a drink filled with lots of ice. I love ice!” But they continued to ignore me and the counter clerk continued to give his review of Robert Downey Jr. in Iron Man over the telephone to someone named Skids.

Driving into work with well-earned Diet Coke, I paid strict attention to my surroundings. Two proofs ago, I didn’t have Jimmy with me and I was so stressed out I drove right past my exit and out into the desert. Waaay out into the desert. Surrounded by cactus and dirt and fearing I would drive right into Van Horn (home of the dreaded Tommy Lee Jones, whom I am terrified of running into because I blog about often), I pulled over to the side of the road and called Buck to scream at him to come get me. He refused and I ended up turning around in a rattlesnake patch and driving back into the city. Never wanting to repeat this episode, I now pay close attention to the city as I’m driving through, and yesterday I did so by announcing landmarks to my Jimmy angel pin. “Okay Jimmy, there’s UTEP and according to the sign they’ve got a summer camp for kids starting soon… Jimmy look! There’s California Waterbeds!…Now we’re coming up on K-Mart, but don’t get too excited, Jimmy. We can’t stop there today.”

And so on.

But I got to work safely, lived through the proof (even though there was construction going on outside our office a jackhammer gave us all terrible headaches), had my lunch from the vending machine, and drove home in a combination rain and dust storm (describing it to Jimmy the entire way).

buffy Then I came home and threw myself down on my bed, watched a few episodes of Buffy The Vampire Slayer  while waiting for the Xanax to take effect, and tried to block the whole day out of my mind as I was passing out.

I’m hoping today is better.








Tuesday Update

I just posted a video of Max interviewing Uzay Tumer over on my other blog: www.LifeWithBuck.com


I’m working today, but this whole frustration with getting music into a blog post is nagging at me, so I’m taking a few minutes to experiement. I’m not using Live Writer, I’m using the WordPress template. And while I was at it, I thought I’d also attempt to insert a photograph directly from my computer (I usually do it via Flickr). The nun photo seemed to upload with no problems. Yet.

Also, I’m going to try commenting inside people’s comments for awhile. A lot of you seem to be doing it on your own blogs these days and I think it might work for me also, to help me to keep up with my comments.

If you feel like it, please let me know if you’re able to play the song I’ve inserted below. I chose an old one in the hopes it wouldn’t have the locks or codes or whatever the hell is the problem with uploading new music these days, and I chose How Bizarre by OMC in honor of Buck, because he is doing something rather bizarre today (some kind of bidding war on the telephone with several other editors), so I thought he’d appreciate this song. When this song was new, we used to listen to it whenever we’d rent a convertible and drive from Vegas to Death Valley; we liked the “cruisin’ down the freeway in the hot-hot sun” part.



 This is a post about nothing, but I haven’t posted in days and felt guilty.

I bought this suncatcher in New Mexico last Sunday. Wood, glass, and tiny mirrors. It’s hanging outside in our courtyard and Buck nearly had a conniption when he saw that I put it up with a cup hook. Cup hooks puncturing his lovingly-painted-anything upset him beyond belief. I have since promised to never hang anything ever again “without discussing it” with him first.

In related news, Paul (our future son-in-law) purchased a very Wild West cow skull while we were in New Mexico, a little something to remember the Southwest while he and Cody are home in Boston. Here, Buck poses with the cow skull so that Studio Bob could get a look at it while they chatted on the phone about the song Eight Miles High, which I sang to them so they could re-live their hippie days. I didn’t know any of the words beyond “eight miles high” however, so they sang it to me instead.

And RIGHT HERE is where I was going to insert the song so you could step back in time and listen to Eight Miles High (the Byrds version, not mine or theirs) yourself, but I spent about an hour trying to upload it and finally gave up. I have the upgrade on WordPress so space isn’t the problem, and I have a legal copy of Eight Miles High on my computer, and I still can’t do it. It’s very frustrating when WordPress tells you you can do something, and then you’re unable to. Does anyone have EASY instructions on how to upload a song to a post? I asked on the Forums and someone said I need the WP Audio Player. Where the hell is that thing and how do you install it?

While getting my news fill for the day, I happened upon a study that shows the majority of children are opposed to children’s healthcare. Of the 2,000 children surveyed essentially all were opposed to vaccinations and shots, doctor visits, cough syrups and medicine of all kinds. This news was so shocking to me, I felt I had to share it with you.